Taking Personal Responsibility for your own Health & Wellbeing

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

With all the news on the current outbreak of the Coronavirus I felt compelled to write a short blog to share my thoughts and tips with you on simple methods of self help.

I am not a health care professional but I am a Qualified Aromatherapist & Healer so I will share my thoughts and experience with you.

When we look at our environment we are surrounded by elements we cannot see with the naked eye. We are surrounded by viruses all the time and It is down to many different things which we can do to prevent the virus taking hold and to stop infection as best we can.

With many of the viral infections we have a prevention in the way of a vaccine or a cure in the way of a treatment.

At the moment there is no treatment for the Coronavirus so we must take personal responsibility for our own health and wellbeing.

Paul and I have taken the decision to bring some effective measures into our seminars and demonstrations to ensure you are entering into a clean and virus free environment as much as we can.

Things we are doing in our Seminars/Demonstrations:

  • Providing Hand Gel for our participants

  • We will be encouraging regular hand washing at our events

  • We will regularly clean all surfaces, handles and shared areas with anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents

  • We will be speaking to our participants to make sure they do not have flu like symptoms before they attend

  • We will purify the air as best we can with anti-viral essential oils in a diffuser

  • We will be offering Essential Oil Inhalers which are infused with Anti-Viral Essential Oils for sale at a reduced rate.

Things you can do now to ensure you are taking personal responsibility for your own health:

  • The first port or call is your own immune system.

  • Make sure you are eating a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and pulses.

  • Increase levels of Vitamin C - Perhaps consider taking a supplement ( I am taking 2000mg everyday ) and increasing intake of vitamin C rich foods.

  • Take a vitamin D supplement if you are not able to get outside in the sunshine

  • If you are Vegan take a B12 supplement to increase energy and boost the immune system

  • Regular Hand Washing

  • Not touching the face

  • Not Shaking Hands

  • Not Hugging

  • Staying positive - positive thoughts increase the immune system, negative thoughts weaken it.

  • Visualise yourself as healthy and strong

  • Purify your home with essential oils in a diffuser or oil burner using anti-viral oils.

(Check with an aromatherapist for any contra indications before you use any oils)

I really believe that it is very important to educate and to be informed about the things we can do to help ourselves and others around us.

We cannot guarantee that you will not get a virus but by following some simple, practical and effective methods at least you can have peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part, and doing your best to fight this awful virus which will affect all our lives in some way.

Above all stay positive and think of others! If you feel unwell stay away from other people, and do your part to help contain the virus.

Many Blessings

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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