Helping Others During This Crisis

During the Coronavirus there are many things we can all do to help others.

At a time of crisis communities must pull together to help and support each other.

There are people who are fortunate enough to be strong and healthy at this time, and it is the strong & healthy people out there who can help the ones who are not so fortunate.

There are so many people in our society who are suffering due to the direct effects of this virus.

People are affected in so many different ways that we need to consider:

  1. People have lost loved ones

  2. People have loved ones who are ill

  3. People have lost jobs and income

  4. Some people are battling with health conditions not related to Coronavirus - the virus is an added thing for them to deal with.

  5. In some countries people are now finding they are short of food - imagine not being able to feed yourself or your family!

  6. Our economy has broken down and people are feeling vulnerable about their survival.

  7. People are separated from their loved ones which causes a feeling of helplessness - they are worried in case their loved ones fall ill, and they cannot get to them to support and look after them.

  8. People in hospitals are dying alone- not being able to say goodbye to their loved ones

  9. Our front line health care workers are risking exposure to the virus everyday to help our loved ones. They will be under so much stress right now, stress weakens the immune system, and they also have the added pressure of caring about their own loved ones.

Goodness I could go on and on. We are going through a life changing situation and it has left us all feeling lost and confused.

This all happened so quickly.

Paul and I had the feeling a few months ago (before Christmas) that something was on its way. We thought it might be a world war, but this Virus has affected the world more swiftly and more severely in some ways.

It is no wonder we are all in a state of unrest. I am feeling it too. I cannot do any writing or get creative at this time. This is only article I have felt the inspiration to write. Like most of you I feel a little lost right now.

I have tried to do videos for you, but it does not feel right. I work inspirationally, and I am finding it difficult to tune into the inspiration right now.

I feel this time is for us to all pull together. Yes we must of course keep ourselves well and healthy and mentally active, but when we give to others this is one of the most full-filling things we can do.

Think about the little old lady or man living around the corner to you. Can you leave a box of provisions outside their door? Perhaps just a phone call to see if they are ok?

Keeping in touch by phone & internet has never been so important as it is right now. Is there some one you can call just to see how they are doing?

I understand that we are all restricted right now in so many ways- but now is the time to get creative and think about ways you can help someone.

Our World has become sick long before the Coronavirus hit us. Our planet was crying out for us to make changes and listen. For too long there has been such in-balance in our world. Man has to wake up and listen to what Mother Nature is saying, and I feel this is the time to do it.

We are all quietening down and staying at home, this provides time for reflection.

How can you help others? How can you help the planet?

All the little things we do make a difference. I believe that no act of kindness goes un-noticed. Every effort made helps.

There is a natural law of Cause & Effect. What we send out comes back to us 3 fold.

At this time send love and healing to help others. Give someone a smile - even though it is from a distance it may help to lift the spirits of that person.

Give way to judgment- we do not know what another person is going through - do not judge anyone especially at this time.

We need to give love, compassion and understanding right now to those who need it.

We are in survival mode, and this brings out the best & worst in people; make sure it brings out the best in you.

Paul and I have been trying to reach out to those in need right now, we have created some things below to provide some help and comfort to people in need.

Paul and I have created a group on Facebook called ‘The Coronavirus Support Group’ this is specifically for anyone affected by the Coronavirus. We have already been providing support to some health care workers on there. If you would like to join our group please follow the link below:

We also have a healing book for those affected by the Coronavirus, we sit for trance once a week and the people whose names are in the book will be sent healing energy. If you would like to add someones name to the book please fill in the contact form with their name, the link is below:

Every Wednesday we have an online healing circle which is free for everyone to join. We sit and send healing to all those in need for 30 minutes. Paul & I guide you in a healing meditation to send the healing energy. If you would like to join us please send us a message and we can send you the invite details:

Please know that Paul and I are here for you all. We will answer all messages & emails sent to us .

Please stay strong at this time, be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to rest and reflect.

Much love to you all

Louisa & Paul xxx

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