Are You Coming From A Place of Love

How accepting are you of different Opinions?

Since the pandemic, I have noticed that many people are falling out for many different reasons.

Some friends and family members are falling out because their opinions and beliefs are different from that of the other person. This is a very sad situation indeed. We are in testing times right now and perhaps we do not cope too well. Maybe we are being truly tested to the extreme, and learning to deal with situations we have never experienced before and this can be a challenge for anyone.

Some people are distancing themselves from others because of different beliefs and ideas about what is happening right now.

Let’s face it non of us have experienced a pandemic before, the last big one was back in 1918 with the Spanish Flu. This whole journey is throwing us into uncharted territory and perhaps we can find ourselves behaving a little out of character at times. These are stressful times indeed. People are losing their livelihoods, businesses, and this can cause a sense of insecurity and stress.

So how do we deal with all this upheaval and chaos which is now present in our lives and our society?

I can clearly see that there is a divide right now: those who believe in the Virus and those who do not. We have all had different experiences since the pandemic came about and we have all developed different points of view depending on our unique situation and things which have happened to us.

I sometimes speak to people who are firm believers in the Virus and they always state that they have known someone who has had it or who has died from it, and it is this experience which has shaped their own perception about current events.

I personally have never known anyone to have had it or to have died from it and I have developed my own point of view based on my knowledge and perception of those events.

I do feel it is so important right now that we all stick together and support each other whatever our point of view might be. Sometimes it is difficult not to judge others, but I try to find the love in my heart to try to understand why it is they do what they do.

I see people pointing the finger of blame at others when they do something that they disagree with or disapprove of. I believe that when we point the finger of blame we are judging and that is not a healthy ground for a loving environment, I try to understand them and see things from their point of view.

For example: The other day I had a lady hurling all sorts of threats and abuse at me because I had visited the village she lived in. She obviously believes in the Virus and sees us as a threat and believes that we are going to bring a deadly virus to her village. While I do not agree with the way she dealt with this and I do believe it could have been dealt with differently, I tried my best to see things from her point of view, perhaps I would feel the same if I believed that my town was going to be under threat from a deadly virus, she must have been so fearful. We promptly left feeling very unwelcome indeed, even though we are ‘allowed’ to visit other places now according to Government rules.

There also seems to be a kind of stigma being attached to ‘mask-wearing’. There is a clear divide between those who choose to wear a mask and those who do not want to wear one.

Just the other day a lady who was walking towards me in the street gave me a terrible look because she was wearing a mask and I was not. I took no notice and realised she must be living in terrible fear right now. I put the thought into my mind that I do not know her full story and created awareness not to judge her for her actions. Perhaps she had had a bad experience and was scared to even be out, I do not know, but the important thing was that I must not judge her for her for behaving in that way.

I feel we could all benefit from trying to adopt the mindset of understanding each other rather than judging. Knowing that we have all had different experiences in life and certainly different experiences since the Pandemic. Many of us are under stress, we find ourselves in a very strange environment which we are trying to adjust to and make some sense of.

I would love to see people supporting each other and coming from a place of love and understanding. Perhaps I live in a false paradise hoping for such things from the human race, but I will never give up hope. I believe that we all have it in us to find the love and compassion within our hearts to help others and to understand them to the best of our ability.

When we can throw judgment away, we naturally move into a more loving space. We will not only help others but we will find that we start to feel much better in ourselves when we can achieve this state of awareness.

Try it for a day, then 2 days, and then a week. Try not to judge others for their actions and beliefs, but to share love and understanding. Place that feeling into your heart and see how it feels, things very quickly become habitual, and if we can feel love more often towards our fellow man then this a wonderful habit to form.

Love and Blessings to you all

Louisa Marie Sullivan

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