Our seminars are designed to empower you, to help you  discover your own path & spiritual abilities 


You will explore the different aspects of Spirituality & Mediumship to discover what feels right for you & what gifts you have 


Learn how to unlock your inner


Live- Events  

An evening of mediumship 

or Trance is about communication with your loved ones in the spiritual world & bringing the two worlds together. 


Take a look at the different places we visit 


Paul & Louisa both offer

many spiritual services to help you with spiritual communication and guidance in your life

  • Private Sittings

  • Spiritual Assessments

  • Healing 

  • Coaching 

  • Private & Group Mentoring 



If you are looking to escape the stress of a busy life, to completely relax, learn, transform and rejuvenate and find inner peace and well-being, then a spiritual retreat is just for you